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I’m struggling..... I thought high school was hard, ha! Boy was I fucking fool to believe the old me could’ve made it in this stupid ass fucked up world. Why is it we are presssured to do great in high school I mean I graduated with honors it’s not like I just played around in high school, crazy how it’s engrained in our head that we have to do great in high school what happened to try your best! Where was the it’s ok to fail your doing great! None of that they sent us in there unprepared thinking we were special welll news fucking flash we’re not fucking special. And then to top it off we worked hard to get out and then we’re pushed in the cage again except it’s a brief look at the adult world before we’re actually in the real world doing real shit well tell you what fuck college and fuck this we spend our money on an education we have to obtain so we can do our jobs right. Why’re we spending so much fucking money on something that society needs as a whole like what if not many people had money then there’d be less people going to college and if they do it probably sucks cause it’s cheap so the teachers paid less so they care less . What’s the fucking point, I’ve struggled in high school now I’ve lost the will to go on in college and then what when I’m finally out in the world what else will I lose I’m betting I’ll lose the will to live next. I’m fucking stressed!!

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