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Im a person that values frendships a lot

I know quite a lot of people but I have only 1 friend group where we share interests and have a similar type of humour


They all know each other very well, I joined the group a year or 2 after they met

And to this day they have a chat only for them, they never added me

Im too lonely to leave the group but feel horrible for staying cause i feel like they dont like me enough to add me to the chat

I give them lots of gifts and they dont even remember my fucking birthday

FUCK why is it all so fucking hard why can't i have a friend that I could tell every detail of my life without feeling judged

I'm trying so hard!! I do my best to be a good listener and help people, maybe sometimes I lash out at them and thats pretty fucking shit of me but i'm improving

I just want to feel loved, my family kind of dislikes me

the overthinking comes back

fuck shit fuck fuck shit

I deserve better

Or maybe im not good enough

Ill never know.