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fuck everything

just done with a maths exam and the results came out however i haven't been in for the past 2 days when they released it. i asked my friend to find out what i had gotten because i trusted her and believed she wouldn't tell anyone. i was wrong.

she told a bunch of other people thinking it was harmless but i feel like utter shit.

i've also got a shit result, 2 marks less than half and they keep rubbing in my face all 'innocently'.

honestly if i could i'd drop them but highschool is full of shit and i'd be labeled 'toxic'.

i heard cutting was a source of relief but i don't have any sharp objects plus i'm too scared family will find out and label me as a disgrace.

i am expected to do so much more than i'm able to do and i have no passions.

i've also been having mixed feelings about my sexuality but growing up in a very traditional and homophobic household i'm scared.

i have no idea what to do and i can't stop feeling like shit