Fuck everything

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It's my 23rd birthday and I still feel like I don't belong anywhere, I finally have a job, I'm still studying and live alone but... I've been alone my whole life, and how good is it to be this successful if no matter how well I'm doing, literally nobody cares

The people who I'd love to be with probably see me as an annoying shit that should stay as far away as possible, the person I loved the most is no longer part of my life in any way, and the people who actually get close to me or feel like they care about me, are all selfish picks who only think about themselves

On top of all that I live in a fucking 3rd world country where all I can do is stare at how stupid people act and try and do my best to not hurt any of them because I still care about every living being no matter who they are and OH THAT'S RIGHT

That's another thing, I constantly have fights against myself because one part of me wants something and the other one wants another thing FUCK

In the end nothing matters, I finally don't want to kill myself but wouldn't care if I were to die right now... Everybody just lives to eventually die... But at least some of them can live those lives to their fullest...

I hate my mind and the way I think, but at the same time, I'm proud of coming so far... But for what? I FUCKING BOUGHT A 55' SCREEN SO PEOPLE WOULD AT LEAST WANT ME FOR MY STUFF AND NOT EVEN THAT

Not sure if there's someone even reading this, and if so, I hope you are not as depressed as I am

A tip, try to look out for your friends, for the ones you know are there for you... And I hope everything is going better for you than it is for me

Fuck... Tomorrow is Monday... Will have to go back to the never-ending cycle of suffering of working an 8-5 shift just so I can buy food and pay rent... I just want to do crazy stuff, is it too much to ask? There's nothing I wouldn't try