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Fuck friends

So last year I had been going through a lot, probably one of the hardest times in my life I wasn’t eating I was self harming, I had pushed all my friends away but still managed to pretend like everything was fine, I was so good at pretending I became everyone’s go to person for advise, it all became to much that I had started bottling all my emotions because I felt no one cared or simply had their own struggles I had lost my therapist as they had thought I didn’t need it anymore, it was the worst experience and I would never wish that upon anyone. Anyways i am slowly recovering from the depression, self harm and eating disorder, I had only just started opening up to my friends and family but ever since then my bestest friend has started explaining the same symptoms I had in the past. The bottling emotions, eating disorder, and pretending to be happy all the time I know it sounds terrible but it makes me furious. Because I remember this one time when I was dealing with all of that I had told her and her only response was “same” or “it’s okay” but when she came to me with her drama I would always try to offer support and advise I wouldn’t ever put my issues onto her and I would certainly never say same, anyways as she was telling me all of this I still offered support, I had told her about what I went through and offered recovery tips but it seemed like she wanted nothing to do with recovery so I let her rant and tell me everything then when she was finished she had the nerve to say that I never noticed when she was sad, except everytime i was sad or on the verge of suicide nobody noticed not even my therapist that I had known for years, I just felt that she was pretending like I had no mental health issues and it hurt so much. I have had enough and I am mad.

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Re: Fuck friends

I'm so sorry you had to go through this. Let me tell you something, people cope differently with sadness and some people (like you and I) can hide it real good that people think you're actually okay. But I've learned the hard way that I can't let people walk all over me or accuse me of something like not caring. Please think about your own mental health. Your friend definitely has her problems too and you're being a great supportive friend and that's really amazing I admire your strength of having to listen to other people's problems while also having to deal with your own. But your mental health should be your priority, if you ever feel like someones toxic just stay away from them. I think you should talk maturely to your friend and communicate whats bothering you, if she knows she's hurting you then I don't think you should call her a friend.. I wish you the best of luck <3