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fuck my parents, thanks!

i just wanna put it out there honestly that i still fully resent my mom and dad for everything they've done, it doesn't matter that i've been trying to choose peace more as of recent so we've been able to have a "relationship".

i hope they know that it's not just me being a teenager, they've done fucked up shit that has taken my childhood, adolescence, and teenage years away from me. i've fully hated my dad since i was 10 and i've hated my mother just a few years later. fuck both of them.

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Re: fuck my parents, thanks!

Hey buddy....I really can't actually know your emotions...but to sort things out you really need to know and understand what your parents are feeling...it may be possible that your problem isn't the normal teen thing...but just think once from your parents point of view...may be it can sort out things between you and then...because everything in this world is grey neither white nor black....