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I just wanted to rant to somebody real quick because I literally have zero friends at all. so whoever is reading this thank you. I feel like right now people are expecting so much from us especially our parents and teachers. they’re expecting so much from us yet we are getting such little back from what were giving. most of us have zero support system meaning they don’t care how much we put into our school work or they do but they treat us like shit over it and they make us feel so bad because we’re depressed and Surviving a pandemic. many kids Used school as an escape from their reality. Now they don’t have that escape and on top of that they’re expecting us to do so much from what we’re given which is basically nothing end it was such a sudden change for all of us especially people who went to public school all their lives. I feel like we deserve way more than what we’re getting and I don’t think we’re going to get it unless we speak up。

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