Fuck retail workers

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I keep hearing this narrative in the media that people dont want to go back to their shitty jobs in retail because of the pandemic and now all of a sudden want something more quality and think they are more experienced because they worked at petsmart for 9 years. I dont care if you worked at one place for 9 years, your experience is dog shit and some of us spent the last decade doing the work necessary getting educated...getting a variety of experience at different places so yeah you've stayed at your place of employment longer than me but what you did with that time was dog shit. Not my problem. Go back to school. It takes time, you just cant crowd places with your resume because you think you put in the work for 9 years in retail. You didnt. You stayed at one place for a long time, that doesnt mean you are qualified for the new job. If you want to leave wendys you have to jump through the hoops like the rest of us and it takes years...