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Fuck the future. Fuck every thing

I'll just vent my anger out.

I. Hate. My. Parents. When i was in elementary school, my parents was like: you can be what you want, you can have fun and I'll support your choices in life. But when as I grow older, their tone and voices change. Go and try in med school. You MUST be one of the top students in your class. You need to get As in every subject. You need that and these. AND IT IS FOR MY FUTURE.


I am now in college. They forced me to study things to be IT student, because they said that it will be in demand in future years. They said it has a high salary if I were to get a job. So I did. I study What the heck is C++, JAVA, PHYTON, HTML. And you know what, fuck that shit. I hate that everytime I practice coding, my brain always burn out. I'm so frustrated that this shit doesn't get along with me.

I want to be novelist but they said that future was useless, it's not a stable job. I CAN'T FORCE MY WAY BECAUSE IF I DID THEY'LL DISOWN ME.


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Re: Fuck the future. Fuck every thing

Everyone's parents are the same I guess😄. Well if you're sure enough that you can make a good career out of being a story writer then go ahead (your parents disowning you doesn't sound much of a problem... it's probably better that way😌). But just keep in mind there are plenty of novelists whose sale of novels don't even reach an average mark. Research thoroughly before coming to any decision. And if you think that you suck such fantastically in IT that you won't be able to progress in that field at all I'd rather you start working on what you're passionate about. Good luck!