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Fuck them kids

My fiancé and I are happily child free. His ex has three kids by three different dads because she kept running out to fuck half the town behind his back all the time. His family still adores her and her white trash high school drop out disrespectful felon children. We can’t even go visit them because his ex and her kids are there all the time, even on holidays. It’s awkward AF and they keep trying to guilt trip him into playing pretend family with his ex and KIDS THAT AINT EVEN HIS! This bitch has been blocked on all platforms for years but she still calls to leave messages asking him for help with “their kids” asking for money or just to casually keep him updated on the lives of her kids. He ignores her and hopes she will go away but this psycho and her kid once called him over two hundred times in a three hour period and he turned his phone off because they wouldn’t get the hint. How many YEARS do you have to completely ignore a person until they give up and go away? His family treats me like I don’t even exist because their family slot of “Js woman” has already been filled and they’d rather push their son away in favor of his ex and her kids. It’s sad AF. For a while she even started showing up at my house multiple times a week trying to be friends and he had to put his foot down and tell her to STOP coming here otherwise he would call the police. It’s all around a sad situation I can see it hurts him his family would rather choose her as a daughter and claim her kids as family when they saw first hand what he went through when she cheated on him over and over and kept getting knocked up by different guys. and then they push him to the side and treat him/us like we don’t matter as family. He keeps talking about moving out of state, just disappearing and starting a new life somewhere else where no one has his number.