fuck this society. it’s broken

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the things i would do, to have a society on an island where we all worked for each other we didn’t need currency because it’s fucking fake and it doesn’t help anyone besides the people who sit and get rich from our hard work.

a world where rape got the death penalty. a world where we lived in loving community’s happy to be ourselves, happy to be alive. one with nature one with our fucking selves. a place where anyone is welcome and you have 2 warnings the second would equal banishment.

a place to finally eat healthy and to be healthy without having all of these gmo foods pushed on us since childhood a place where we didn’t condition our own into believing lies to fit the system. a place where we actually taught survival, how to deal with your emotions, how to be happy ACTUAL THINGS TO BE TAUGHT AS A HUMAN, not just fucking the multiplication table and fucking trigonometry, a place where our backs aren’t bent like a fucking banana and a place where we can finally regain our humanity back. i believe in the girls the gays and the theys supremacy