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fuck you

thought maybe this time, things would work. couldve been my second family again. yet 3 years gone by down the drain over something so stupid and simple. we wanted to get married. we were in love. god it fucking sucks and kills me to think about it. we had something good now look at us; practically strangers now. fuck you so much i hate you, fuck you for all of this. i cant deal with you. you broke me. this was the final straw in everything. you were the only reason i stayed, made plans for the future. now youve decided stage exit was more important than us. go fuck yourself. i cant even smile at the idea of you crawling back or my dumbass pathetically running back to you like a puppy, theres no lovehate in me. i just hope you know you wasted everything i ever gave over nothing.

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Re: fuck you

I feel you, I'm in a very similar situation. He just gave me so much damn hope and walked away. And eveyone always says the same shit over and over again like some freaking magic trick will happen and vanish all the pain and memories of them, but wholeheartedly hope things get better. And fuck whoever hurts you and just walks away, they don't deserve to be chased after.