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Fuck you n you

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It’s funny how quick someones mood can change. An example is my sisters. They could be telling me to kill my self and then the next we’re all having a hot pot… (based on true events)

And yk what’s even funnier? I was 11 (13 now) at the time, and before that I was already struggling with the fact that not only was I being bullied but I was groped by a random old man. When I was groped my oldest sister was with me and told me to keep it quiet. I keep thinking about it and I feel so betrayed. And that’s not even the worst part. The worst part is the people around me and how they don’t trust me. Even my best friend. (Said some bs to me and especially told me to keep it quiet, and then continued to say some bs on how I’m a blabber mouth when I can’t even say my true feelings and I barely even talk to people…. He should’ve known since he was my bsf for 7-8 years)

side rant

People preach on about how suicide isn’t the answer but what if it is? Once I’m dead, I’m dead. I won’t have to deal with this bullshit anymore and I’ll be at peace. I don’t care if people will “mourn” my death. Think about what caused and then cry. Fuck you all