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F*** you TS

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F*** you college drama professor and my ex husband

Why did you pick me to terrorize? You circled me like a shark once it smells blood ... Or a mosquito buzzing ... I was a stupid college student trying to make my dream of acting become a reality. At first you encouraged me and praised me as soon as we were married you terrorized me you used UAA as your stalking ground just like Harvey or Jeffrey you fooled a lot of people you pathetic f*** you cheated on Dayle moving a pretty coed into your house ... f*** you t.s. f*** you you flaccid impotent inept has been mediocre actor sub par writer ... Your a delusional f***er and with narcassic grandiose ... F***er I will be so happy when you die ding dong the f***er is dead. Your a liar, a fraud, phoney, fake, a pathetic human being you fooled a lot of people your wife was the real actor and writer she was as pathetic and needy as you - she died alone while you fucking a student your a rotten person and that jackass who nominated you for an award? Karl Your so disgusting repulsive as you eat feces ... Your sick now you have someone who is totally dependent as your 30 yrs older ... Your a fucking pathetic basterd prick son of a bitch and a misogynist cunt all wrapped up ... And a coward and wimp and f*** you UAA to bad the theatre department is no more it will save someone's else's daughter from being terrorized your a fucking terrorist but you terrorize women ... And fuck you to all the people who did nothing