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I often fart many times at home and don't even realize sometimes. I'm afraid that i'll do the same in front of my colleagues too unintentionally but I really need to have control my ass. Its just that the area from we fart becomes smooth in my case that even if I try to stop it,I'm unable to do that.

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haha. i literally am u . I fart so loud sometimes, but it's at home and with my fmaily and we just joke about it. Cuz i let it out so hard, i fel like i wont be bale to stop it when im somewhere formal, like at school. Once in assembly, i accidenlty farted. Just as i did, the girl next to me swung her head at me, then i automatically looked behind to make it look like it was the girl behind me, then everyone looked at her cuz they thought she farted. IF THAT girl is reading this, imsorry, but when u gota survive, u gota do the perilous. :')