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I am getting older and at a reasonable age to understand what I want...but does anyone really know with certainty without any doubts going in or going through, know what they want? I had ambitions and admiration but they were shut down by my mom. But now I'm using her comments as an excuse, I know, my dad knows. With her negative comments growing up I suffered psychologically, but now I'm realizing that I'm not really much of nothing. Haha...I'm not whining I've always been able to push through and brush it off, yet now it's closer. I've always been ready to leave I didn't nor do I still care where I go. I don't know it's all contradictory.

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Re: Future

You gotta find yourself. It's hard, especially when your parents have affected your decisions so much. I'm 36 and still don't know what I want to do with my life, but I do know I love learning and so concentrate on this. I love cats. I love my husband. I've plants. I know this. Concentrate on what you love, and it will all fall in to place xxx