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Gap in conversation with my parents

i was brilliant in studies during my school times. My mom used to teach me as my tutor and I was the one who comes first in class. Time flies with new changes in life. I entered higher classes and went for paid tutions. Everybody knows the condition of outside tutions. I miss the days and environment that my mother gave me in home tutions.

When freedom comes, it brings lots of activities that are wrong. I started falling to wrong companies of my friends. I had, have and will have the regret my whole life for this. Distance in between me and my family increased day by day, month by month and year by year. My wrong practices goes on creating my wrong image everytime i do something wrong.

This not only lead to gap in conversation but also affected my studies to greater extent. Today i am failed from graduation, no job, no good looks, no talent, no respect in home and in relatives.

This would be my ever confession and the brief story of my life.

Good by world.

We will never meet again.