Georgia Bulldogs Part 3

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Kirby. You were my top 3 number 3. The only other nearly complete high talent team coming back. I can’t watch Ohio State cause they’re starting late. Can’t watch Oregon who is one of my possible number 4’s. This was your time to shine.

You reached the Nati only to have Alabama in your way. Almost won. So I said it’s not that he doesn’t know how to adjust at half time. It was that injury plagued QB you were ready for.

So what happened here. Second quarter collapse again. That’s poor coaching. That’s Kirby Smart. You slugged it out. Go look at what each other’s doing. Slug it out again. You can tell Kirby wants this win. Yet he didn’t win. How?

Am I dreaming? Did you watch that Ole Miss game? Very entertaining. But horrible defense. Looked like the big 12. I can’t remember. Did anyone ever punt? Neither team in position to tackle. Able to tackle. Couldn’t defend the run or pass. At least stop one or the other if you can’t stop both. Ole Miss doesn’t have the talent. So how did they light up Alabama’s D. Because it’s terrible. Yet that teams D just beat you. The only advantage is it’s hard to beat one team twice in a year.

My number 3 will get a rematch.

Number 4 was Oklahoma State or Oregon. Well it’s fun.