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getting off lmao

I just got off to a story about two guys fucking in a bunk bed. I’m a Bisexual teen girl, is that wrong? I wasn’t planning on it but by the end I got so wet that I knew I had to do something. Is it wrong to get off to that? because I do that with girl on girl shit, boy on boy shit and heteronormative sex too.

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Re: getting off lmao

Why would it be wrong? Sexuality is something personal and what does it matter what gets you off? Straight guys get off on girl on girl so shouldn’t make a difference if you like boy on boy. I see it that no one has a right to judge someone else on what goes on in bedroom so enjoy what you want. Don’t think anyone should feel shame for things like this

It’s not wrong you like what you like. I get off to gay guys all the time. Would I like to see that nasty shit in person? Hell no because I’m sure it reeks... hope that this helped and I’m a straight female. That’s very feminine at that. I love masculine men too but would I let my bf or husband fuck a guy... FUCK NO... it’s just a fetish that’s all