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Getting the fuck out - Replies please.

I cant take 4 more years of this bullshit and I'm going to get out of here as soon as I possibly fucking can. My remaining friends dwindle; I dont want my parents- who I have put some distance between- knowing that I'm their son and not their daughter. Talking is so hard. I'm isolated from everyone around me and I can feel it every damn time. Tips or experiences? I need to get the fuck out of here. Might give an update when I make a break for it. Thanks if you reply.

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Re: Getting the fuck out - Replies please.

I don't know the situation wherever you are now or what's happening

From what you said, you discovered you're gay? I guess you're a female

Why don't you make a self reflection to see the cause of why everyone is leaving you... If the fault is from you,then you can work on it but if you've done nothing wrong.... Then those people are not meant to be with you in the first place

I hope you find happiness dear