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Gf hurt me

I'm a lesbain.This past summer my gf dumped me. Heartbroken, I went to a friend's small house party to drink and get my mind off of her. There was guy there who hit on me and after I was drunk apparently fed me a xan. Im lightweight and ended up passing out unconscious. He took me outside behind the house and took advantage of me. The landlord of my friends house found me outside on the dirt and could tell id been violated. My ex got back into contact with me and I found the courage to tell her. We got back together. Acted like she was there for me. A week later ghosted me. Her reason: Because I wanted her to come over every night & wanted to spend time with her. I was suffering and scared and she somewhat made me feel okay and safe. Then randomly left me. Would leave me on read. Knew I was dealing with it alone and isolated while she was riding around hanging out with other people and talking to them..just living it up while ignoring me. Finally got a response after blowing her up. She got mad over nothing (she'd been drinking) and yelled at me over the phone breaking up with me again. After she hung up she went to hangout with someone id introduced her to in the past. Showed a stranger my detailed text on my assult. And talked to a guy who didn't even know me but talked crap about me. Then she went to his house and slept with him and a female at the same time. 2 days later she called me to confess what she'd done the same night breaking up with me and how bad she felt. There's no reason for her to suspect I lied about it. There were screenshots of text from my friend who threw the party saying she loved me and how sorry she was that he hurt me and also text from him apologizing and begging me not to tell the police bc he didn't want to go to jail. I sent her those. The stranger she shared that with told her i could have just sleep with him then regretted it and cried rape. Yet my gf had the evidence on her phone. Was she trying to hurt me bc i text her "hope your not talking shit about me" I only did that to get a reaction and hopefully a text back from her cause she was leaving me on read for a week and I even told her how the police were no help and she left me alone to deal with that..then screwed 2 strangers. Did she honestly think I lied regardless of the proof and is that why she did it? Or did she do it out of anger bc i sent a dumb text trying to get her to contact me? 

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Re: Gf hurt me

Got raped a lot as a kid. Worse if your awake.

Life is drama. Constant drama. I used to goto parties. But I would never sleep with a female who drank or did drugs. They had to want it sober. Some would say I gotta loosen up. No. If you must be drunk to have sex then you don’t want sex.

Sadly. Not many men like me. Do your best. Accept that nearly everyone you meet is F’d up in the head & selfish. We are all trying to survive one day at a time.

You’ll never figure it all out. I used to wonder. How could I do so much for someone. Then find out they stole from me & took off. Then they’d come back later. Because I’m nice. And their F’d up. I’m F’d up too. Just not as F’d up as them.

Just love yourself. If you can’t love yourself then who will.

Okay first you need to report him. You might feel bad that he's young has a nice future ahead but fuck rape that is one of the worst thing you can do to someone they should know what they did. You shouldn't even have sex with drunk people and you were unconscious so he did it intentionally he was in his right mind when he did it infact he planned it all and now he's apologising really you know he might have done it before and he might do it again if you can't file a complain for yourself then do it for his next victim we humans are weird we don't have the strength to fight for ourselves but we always find strength to fight for others.

Now coming to your girlfriend she clearly doesn't respect you. Are you in an open relationship? If you are then okay fine but if not why she's having sex with others and why are you fine with it. And more than that you told her you were raped but they doesn't give a fuck look love is blind and all but girl you need to get away from her ASAP even if she comes back you can forgive her but just breakup with her for your own good. Right now you need to focus on yourself no one is more important than you okay.

Love yourself more respect yourself more know that you deserve better know your worth.

Wow I'm never this pushy I'm always like it's your decision think and decide but this rape and cheating I can't just handle it I just hate it. We don't even know each other and I'm being this pushy sorry about that but you know there are people who needs to be pushed and told that they have been wronged otherwise they won't get it not saying that you are not just saying. Anyway your life your decision. Choose wisely. Maybe think about life with her in next 2 years or even 1.Think if you can handle it later if not it's better to leave now or it's gonna hurt more. We all are broken we all need that emotional support and it's okay if our partner don't understand sometimes but loyalty is a must. Bad personality, bad mouth, bad habits, bad attitude all this can be overlooked if it's not causing trouble but disloyalty fuck no.