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Girlfriend in Playboy

I dated a lot. When I say dating I mostly mean sex. Some were cheerleaders. One was a runway & magazine model. Not famous.

But one wanted too much out of me. She gave up on me & moved. She told me to be looking in playboys for what I’d lost or whatever.

So I felt weird going to store to buy them in mall. Yes they used to sell them in stores. I’m old. Anyways one of her friends brings me a video. There she is dancing nude in a video.

That’s her business. But was she trying to get even with me? Sure; I dated a lot of females at the same time, but I was honest about it. I’d tell them I’m not ready for marriage & just want to have fun. I could just as easily watch a movie; eat; play a game. But if they wanted sex that was fine.

Once I met my wife I wished I’d waited for her.

I look back now at women who fell in love with me. One pined for me for two yrs after I stopped seeing her.

Love is a two way street. If someone tells you they are just having fun; & they don’t love you back, you need to move on.

If she wanted to pose nude that’s fine. But don’t demean yourself to try to get even with someone else.

I’d warn young people about nudes. We all read about ex’s putting them on the net.