Girls soccer team

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I was a closeted lesbian at this time but there was this girl on the soccer team, a year older, who would flirt with me ALL the time. Idk if she just got that gay vibe from me or what. So she would play with my feelings a lot. Cuz while she was filtering hella with me, she had a while ass bf that she would always be on the phone with since he went to a different school. I don’t even think she was bisexual, I just think she was bi-curious. We would sit on the bus together for the games n she would lay all up on me n fall asleep or hold my hand. She would just straight play games.

One soccer game she looked sad. Idk if she got in a fight with her bf or what but something happened. We had some friends around us when I asked her if she was okay. She said yea that she just wanted to get fingered. The girls just laughed bcuz she usually had no filter, it wasn’t out of the ordinary. But it was obviously hinted towards me cuz like what do lesbians do lmao. On our bus ride home there’s usually less Ppl cuz they be getting picked up after the game. So we were I. The back in the same seat as always. She was all cuddled up on me and I asked her how f she thinks that the cameras can see us even tho it was dark. She said why? I can tell what she wanted to hear n I whispered in her ear that I wanted to make her cum like her bf never could. I fingered her on that bus n I had to hold her mouth shut so no one can hear her. Since then we been seeing each other occasionally while she still has a bf. I don’t know if I should stop or enjoy her while I have her.