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Give up

I'm just so tired of feeling sad all the time. I feel invisible and so left out of life. People always tell me I'm so encouraging, and that they are glad they met me. But they never invite me to their weddings or baby showers. I'm a spiritual guide, not a friend. My super power should be stealth! I'm lonely and I feel unwanted. Everyone around me is coupling up or getting married...when is it my turn? And then I can't even afford an apt by myself, so once again I'm depending on someone else. I feel like a little kid. Sometimes I just want to give up! .

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Re: Give up

I love you. If I could if hug you. My wife used to call me a big teddy bear. I’d hold you in my lap till you fell asleep. Then tuck you in bed.

All of us kind souls feel that way. We nurture others. Save them. Help them. But they don’t realize we need a hug to. So imagine I’m giving you a hug. I look like a big Viking with a million dollar smile. It’s weird; everywhere I go people notice me & light up. They smile. I’ve been told it’s because my soul is so pure & I was sent here to save others.

God Bless

This is to the person who had replied earlier(viking one)


I dunno where u are or who u are but u sure are one of those ppl who bring happiness!!

*hugs to you*

I wish more people like you exist


300 word limit is lkjhg