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Giving a second chance

I had an online best friend for almost 2 years(we talked daily and seen eachother irl 2 or 3 times but still remain close despite the distance). We shared everything and talked about anything. Half a year ago i meet a new friend who is polyamorous and was in a relationship but we also had that *spark* and just went with the flow. My best friend and this person started talking and i was fine with it we talked together a lot as well. My best friend got interested in my friend and started being overly sexual thru texts and shared personal stuff i, in 2 years haven't heard of and this friend told my best friend they're not interested and it's uncomfortable and i talked to my best friend and he said he'll stop. But he didn't and he said some mean stuff about me so i stopped talking to him for 2 months now. Im currently in a conflict with this polyamorous person and i want to know is it just loneliness that draws me back to start talking to my ex best friend or should i give my ex best friend another chance because not like other friends that came and went i belive this one would be worth a second chance. I'm opened to opinions, do share/reply : )

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Re: Giving a second chance

Ex best friends is a different type of hurt i lost one of my closest friends today due to a major fight after i realized he doesnt give a fuck about me anws we always have this tendency to go back to talking to them but sometimes its just best to leave things the way they are and go with the flow i know its harder done than said but like why should you talk to him where he didn't even talk to you for 2 months ? I mean if he cared he would have texted you, you deserve way better you seem such a nice person and nice people sadly always finish last for instance even after my best friend broke me all that i can think about is how he is handling his problems i am a clown ik.

ANYWAYSSS i advice you to talk to him, and explain how you feel and let him express himself and the reason why he hasnt talked to you in 2 months sometimes knowing the truth is better than living in your imagination (wondering why this person hasnt texted u)

Even though the truth hurts it will help you heal and move over by seeing things the way they are. BUT don't welcome him with open arms if you feel he doesn't want to be friends with you but u want to reunite so badly shit will hurt you again way worse

Wishing you the best hope this helped u ❤