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Giving up

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I just don't see the point. It is just not worth the fight any more I guess. Whats the reason? Won't change anything. Won't even bother? I've got a limited Amount of energy. Why would I waste it on trying? I don't see the dam point anymore. I know that out won't change anything because I have tried. Again and Again. I'm to old for it.

Guess I have thrown in the white towel. Soupose I'll have too wash the Darren towel too.

Ooh another nope they dat add for help. I have tried that. Until I am blue in the face. Hard to get help from a set of autistic teenage boys. Their gonna life with knees forever. You know that? Ago I gave up. I am going to have to drop out. That b bugs me. But what's more important?

Guess when You sign up to be a parent, you sign your wants away. I wanted to be someone.

Guess I'm a no one. Nothings Gona change.