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Giving up

i was raped by someone in my family for years with no one knowing, between the age of 7-13, he was sent to prison for other offences but found not guilty for the horrible things he did to me. After that my parents split up and my dad became violet when he became addicted to drugs and alcohol so I was forced to live with my mum in a small 1 bed flat. I started not wanting to be around anyone in my family and became depressed and not going to school.

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Re: Giving up

Parents hurt me. Gave me away. Many yrs of torture & sex abuse. Yet here I am at 60.

Don’t own what was done to you. They did it. Not you. Your still a good sweet person.

I’m kind. I help people. Sweet dad. I was a kind husband. My worst crime is I occasionally speed a little. I don’t even do that any more.

This only defines you if you choose to let it.

I'm so saddened that you have gone through so much. No one should have to go through rape no matter your age. Much worse if you're a child. I'm so sorry and I hope if you see this you will understand that I'm trying to say better things are going to come your way. After the storm there's a pretty rainbow so hang in there okay.❤️