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Go Trump!

It's time to piss some people off! I vote Trump for a second term to be President! You can cuss me and leave all the nasty comments to reply to me all you want, and I'll just smile 😁. Actually I will just be laughing at your comments that are rude and mean. 😂 Now a few of you might agree with me, but I know most of you won't and of course I don't give a fuck. For the people who don't like Trump though, I bet when he gave out stimulus checks not one of you sent the money back knowing it came from him. 😂 If you hate him so much then why not just send back the second stimulus check. Ha exactly, that's what I thought. You want to run your mouth about him but you will accept that money won't you? I'll be waiting for your pathetic little comments to this so I can get a good laugh at you getting angry because I support Trump!

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Re: Go Trump!

Love this! I support Trump as well. I'm voting for him again and people that don't like it, lol well too damn bad. Hate my comment or like my comment either way I don't care. He's been a good president. Better than the other little panty wastes pussies before. Clinton was cool. Didn't care too much for Bush and Obama. I'm glad they're time as being a so called president is over. Eight years of Obama 🙄 so yeah like it or not I'm with Trump! Fuck you bitches! 🖕

I will not be rude and I will not throw insults, you're honestly embarrassing yourself by saying and expecting that and that isnt disrespect that's just a fact. Who would give back free money dude? Like seriously? If Hitler gave me 100$ I'd keep it! That has nothing to do with why people dont support trump. You're voting for him because he does things AGAINST the people you dont like, (LGBTQ+/different races) not because he does things FOR you! The only thing that man has done that he said he would do, is that god forsaken wall. He is a buisness man, not a president. Sorry to burst your bubble. You're obviously a very angry person, and that's okay. I hope you figure yourself out and make better choices in the future.

Sending love and light x