God damn people change for the worst

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I knew this 23 year old guy back in 2009 and he was really cool, accepting of everyone, wasnt a bigot, very patient and understanding....now I look at his facebook and its a horror show. Is this thanks to the pandemic? His page is nothing but bible quotes and pro-israel mantras like wtf...who are you to take a side on that anyway? You live in Massachusetts. What in your pea brained mind made you think you can take a stance on something you know nothing about? What gets me is how committed people are to believing something. And then of course with the bible shit...My advice is until you experience it first hand maybe you shouldnt be reading the bible. Just because you have hardship doesnt mean the bible is speaking to you. I can tell you for a fact that multiple beings and energies came together to make that book and they weren't all good. That book should be for wiping your ass in 2021 and little more.