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god get help

Dude wtf...i feel so weird. I feel like everything is so distant like im watching my memories. I get dizzy after sitting down for a while and i just fall down. Ofc no one knows. I dont wanna worry them. I feel like im living in a dream. Please future me...whats happening? Honestly, i dont know, i feel like something bads gonna happen. I wanna cry but i just cant. Literally im not making myself not cry. My emotions refuse to budge...wtf?? I ate like 2 bites of fish today and i feel so full yet my stomach grumbles and my stomach is still empty. What is happening?? Help..okay its 8:45 now and i searched it up. The dizziness is probably from low blood pressure and the dreamy/distant is a mental disorder called depersonalization where you pretty much feel like you’re in a dream. If its not depersonalization, they are symptoms of either substance abuse (def not), personality disorders (likely), or brain diseases (gawd help me). Dear lawd i think im broken. They also said that depersonalization can lead to depression or anxiety because of panicking that they are going crazy and mental. cheezitz crackers get help lmfao..efzdzbawrbaw

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Re: gawd get help

See a doctor. Asap.

Just a fyi though, the dizziness and out of it feeling can both be related to low blood sugar. Eat a banana or drink a glass of orange juice. I just eat a piece of bread and a spoon of sugar (not the healthy way to go.)

Sometimes i will be like all zombiefied for a long time and not even know it until i eat something and suddenly feel better. Like someone took the gauze from in front of my brain. I no bbn longer move like a turtle, and am able to carry out simple tasks again.

However, this could be from a wide variety of things.

A Licensed Doctor is where you need to go to seek help.

Lets see, perhaps you get one of those moments crossing the road? Cutting vegetables for dinner?

If not self injury, what if its a medical diagnosis like a blood clot, or a psychological diagnoses like schizophrenia?

Of course, you could always do nothing. And find out in 3 years that whatever it once was in now full blown and incurable.

Stop looking for advice online. Especially with a site that has a lack of expertise in that field


Go to a doctor.