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Gone,gone and nothing.

I had this friend.I met her online.We were only young and we loved to play minecraft.Over the 3 years we created a really strong bond and made plans together,It felt like I knew her our entire lives.We FaceTimed and uncountable amount of times a day.She had an abusive mother and at age 12 her life was already falling apart.I texted her CONSTANTLY,giving her positive messages and stuff to cheer her up.For 2 years she was suicidal.I was the only thing keeping her going,Every night she would say she was gonna commit.And then my anxiety spiked up,I couldn’t sleep,I stopped eating and became anorexic.I threw up because of my panic attacks.And eventually she told me that she was gonna go.I knew what she meant,it broke my fucking heart.I tried to stop her I promise w

but she Took a video of her committing and sent me it in her last moments.I couldn’t do anything.This was almost 1 year ago now.I still haven’t got over it,I fucking hate myself.It hurts so much you don’t even know.Im 14 now and I was 12(going 13)when it happened.If anyone read this all the way to the end,your a real one.And I want you to know,if your in the same situation she was in and your thinking about committing.Please don’t.I don’t know you but i love you and care about you.You have so much to leave for even though it might feel like the complete opposite.Stay strong <3