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Good bye

Tomorrow all my pain is going to end and I want someone in the world to know , whether our identities will be forever hidden ; I’m not trying to be selfish I just can’t live any more that’s all - (besides the point ) all my life I’ve been selfless as I can be , kind to anyone and everyone because you don’t know what’s going on in their mind . Yet I’m here now ? , I’m in this place I’ve been in for over a year now and recently really bad , so maybe I should be selfish for once in my life and gave no sub conscious coincidences , as I merely won’t be here anymore .

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Re: Good bye

Don't do it. Even if u have no hope , you can hope for hope. That's all any of us can do. Somebody you love will be hurt forever if you go out that way. Just embrace the suckiness of life and it will improve I promise. I know I'm just talking from a different place than you. But you can come here too there's plenty of room