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Hello everyone! All of my friends aren't active on chat so here I am. My parents got into a fight today and my mom's leaving for another place on Tuesday. I'll be left with my dad here. I hope she doesn't forget me. I'm still a minor so I can't go with her and she would like for me to finish my studies first before I go find her if she doesn't return. My birthday is on the 30th and this is gonna be the first one I don't get to spend with her. I miss her already. I don't hate any of my parents but I hope you'll come back, Ma. I'll miss you. I love you.

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Re: Goodbye......

first of all, i wish for your parents to realize how much this is hurting their child. i'm sorry that this has happened, even though this has nothing to do with me, but i'm glad you have the courage to talk about this. happy belated birthday, as well. mine is actually on the twelfth, so we're month buddies, haha. i hope you have an amazing birthday and talk to amazing people in your life (at a distance or online, of course), and i hope that you'll have everlasting happiness as well <3