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It's sad to see the way the world has turned out and it's scary to know that we may be the only life that's out there, the only life that exists. We're hoping for a saviour but it's never going to come. We're alone, always have been, it's just that tiny bit of hope, that tiny bit of belief we have living inside of us and we cling to it. But how long is it going to take for us to realise, this is our reality whether we like it or not. We as a human entity have turned into a threat to ourselves and we try to find an escape but there's nothing. where will you go? how long will you run for? it's wrong. it's all wrong. everything these days, even the most serious of matters, is turned into a meme. everyone is fake, they're all trying to adjust to the unrealistic standards of society, trying to be someone they're not. it's all wrong. Nobody knows what happiness is anymore because it hasn't been experienced in a long time. it feels like I'm trapped in a world where nobody understands what it's like, even though they're going through the exact same thing. and it hurts my heart see that after childhood nobodies ever happy and that one day I'm going to leave without ever making a change to this horrific, terrible, disgusting world. I die today and am forever forgotten. I lost my battle a long time ago all I was trying to do was survive but for what, if I couldn't live to the fullest there was no point in me living in the first place, so today I end it. I won't be remembered all I was was merely a footstep in the sand while I existed some people saw it and some walked right past it until it's washed away by the waves. To whoever's reading this article: Change the world, make it a better place. I'm begging you.

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