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Got a BJ from Gay

I am 21 from india

I got a BJ from a gay once and that is killing me

I like girls and I am straight

But I don't know why I did that.

Now I am scared what if it comes out that I got a BJ from a gay.

I am too scared.

I am getting a feeling that if this comes out every one thinks I am gay too. Thinking of this making me sick. I don't know how my parents will react for this. Sometimes I fell like dying. Don't know why his happened and why I did like that. I even said to that guy that don't say this to anyone, he was like "don't be scared. I won't say this to anyone, I keep these kind of things private". But what makes me scared is he is open with his friends and parents that he is a gay but he didn't said to anyone that he is giving BJ for strangers in hostel. But I am scared that what if he tells, I have a life ahead.

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Re: Got a BJ from Gay

The only thing you can do is trust the guy to not tell anybody. Many people wake up and say their straight because society wants them to be. It’s not a matter of gay or straight as well you could be bisexual and like both genders. If the idea of you being gay is stressing you out then solve the situation and if you want keep it private. Don’t be scared you just have to trust that guy and find the strength in you to find out who you are even it takes time.