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Great time of year

I love the spring. New life. Flowers. I love the summer. Great weather.

I love the fall. Best time to do home repairs. As a child the planting was over. But time to change what I hunted.

Watching college & pro football.

But winter is coming. I hate the winter. As a boy I was locked in a pitch black room all alone for 2 yrs.

as a teen sleeping in the frozen woods. Homeless.

I hate the winter.

I’m so sick. I don’t think I’ll see next spring. I’m trying to fix all I can on my ex wife’s house. They don’t know how sick I am. I want them to remember me smiling & doing things for them.

I have no health insurance. No heat. Sleep on a cot. Pray I keep that. Mostly eat crackers.

I don’t know if this winter will be the one. But I’ll rage against it like I always do.

My wife used to wonder why someone so nice could suddenly be ready to fight something. It’s survival. I survived because even though I’m kind, ill fight if I must.

That’s the cycle of life. In the spring of our life we are born & start to grow. The summer we are at our best. Strong. Confident. In the fall we age. Realize we are not immortal.

In the winter we take our last swings. Find out what’s most important. Fight for that as we slowly fade away.