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Grew up to reality

Humanity is dark, evil... Things like love and friendship and hope aren't real they're illusions to take the eyes off of the harsh reality, life is pain to hope is to suffer, by discarding these illusions, you become able to see the truth that inside people's hearts there is only darkness sorrow and hurt and evil intentions, in the past I thought that there was a chance for all these illusions but through the lies and experience woke up to these harsh truths, now nothing but numb inside.... I hate the fact that every now and then situations come up that cause me to feel these hopeful things so I drive the knife in deeper, but what does it matter.... Who cares, I've accepted that this is the way it has to be, I don't care if anyone dies anymore, I feel no remorse for those who have lost loved ones to covid. I don't feel the need to help those in need... Hollow.

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Re: Grew up to reality

Happiness and hope does not last everything dies at some point ,somethings sooner than others, that’s why it feels it good ,it’s scarce, it’s a high, a feeling we as humans seek and strive for and the unlucky few that don’t feel such luxuries shouldn’t lose our humanity. I think pain drives us ,pain is certain and resilient, it’s the only constant in my life, its the only feeling that’s real to me, I could feel absolutely nothing at all but I’ll have that part of myself keeping me human and to be able to relieve someone of the feeling for a second...is really fulfilling

I disagree with that reply.... Better to kill yourself inside and lose your humanity, it's pointless, humanity, relationship are nothing,meaningless.loss of one's humanity if that's the sacrifice that has to be made then so be it.... Being empty inside, having a hole in your chest for the rest of your life, so you can see just how counterfeit this world and the people are...