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Okay so recently my girlfriend passed away (September 7th) and I don't know how to handle it, I'm fairly young and have never dealt with heavy things such as this. Please help me. We had so many plans together and then she ends her life because she got molested by her ex. I wasn't around to help and nor was I aware it was happening until she texted me in a hysterical state. She didn't even send the email before she died. Her best friend was the one who told me she died, he accessed her email acc and showed me the email.

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Re: Grieving

That's so painful to handle.... My condolences dear

It's okay to grieve and morn for a loved one but you shouldn't let it take a toll on you

If you feel it's a heavy burden,try sharing your feelings with a trusted person

Although suicide is not the best option, I guess that was the only option she gave herself.

May her soul rest in peace