Guilt !

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There was this girl I knew from college. She used to steal from us during college and would rattle us out to the authorities for drinking or hanging out with our boyfriends.

After years I was asked for a reference for a job that she had applied for. I didn't exactly put in a good word for her. I was just pissed at her and how things had so beautifully turned out for her with the least efforts or struggle. And here I was struggling for even the smallest of the scrapes. I know we should never judge someone's life from afar but I just couldn't do it. I just couldn't look at her getting everything so easily. Things that I had to struggle and sacrifice for.

But now I feel guilty about doing that. There is no way I can take it back but I just feel like I could have handled the situation better. I sooth myself by repeating Vincenzo- 복수는 차가운 마음으로 해야 한다. – Revenge should be done with a cold heart.

I don't wanna be a mean person. Sometimes, I do wanna take revenge for things but the other half of me always feels like that should be left upto God. I am so conflicted! I just hope I feel better soon. And hope that Karma spares me!