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I've always had a problem for feeling unnecessarily guilty, even for minor things but now I'm not sure if what I did was very wrong or not. Right now I feel like my world is crumbling and I think its the feeling of guilt trailing me but I don't know anymore I think a may just be a disgusting person.

The event that is really setting this off is masterbation to a hentai (very manly I know). In this the man has a younger sister and wishes for sex with an older sister, long story short he becomes young and they frick. In the moment I just wanted to relieve myself but after I thought "am I pedophile?" I'm not even legally an adult but the man became a boy and I went ahead, it didn't even occur to me until like ten minutes after that it may be pedophilia and I didn't even realize. I really just don't know anymore, I'm not attracted to kids and I find it disturbing when adults are predators and pedophiles, but am I?

This has been weighing on me pretty heavily and I feel like I'm caving and now am not sure if I should tell my doctor for medicine for the guilt? Or if I should somehow tell my parents? Or I should take more extreme measures, but right now I cannot live with myself.

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Re: Guilt

I personally wouldn't worry about it especially if you know you don't like kids lie that :(

I would watch something else because prn can do some weird things to you even if you don't think it's good or if It didn't logically turn you on your mind could still roll with it and be like "well that's what's on tonight so guess we have to you what we got to produce more offspring". Sorry I put it odd just try to be very logical about it. Don't feel guilty for anything unless you have a fact to back it up or it's really real and you believe it with all of your being.

Stay peaceful though! Talk more if you want my writings usually have the word "Peace" or "peaceful" in then somewhere. Just cause I'm feeling super chill right now for some reason.