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I have always given my 200% in every relationship, but it was never enough for anyone.. I feel so ashamed of myself and I can't face myself. I feel so humiliated when I see my face in the mirror. I feel like not facing myself. I feel I could never do my best. I always think of what I didn't do.. I constantly feel I lack lot of things and my efforts are never enough. I feel I am not good enough to make someone stay with me. I feel so leftout and alone and I can't even share my feelings with anyone.

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Re: Guilty

I know the same feeling. I like to say it’s because I’m Wifey material and some people my age just can’t handle that. When you put a lot of time and dedication into someone, it can scare them, whether it’s because they’re foreign to that much love or you may be coming off clingy. My suggestion is to talk about that when you go into a relationship. Talk about how much you love to dedicate your time and effort to someone you love. I hope that helps and my heart goes out to you! Keep on loving the way you do. There’s not many people like that anymore <3