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Guys help please

If any guy is reading this,please let me know how does a guy feel if his girl best friend tell him she's in love with him?I think me and my guy best friend have been attracted to each other for a long time now but none of us would take that step.can anyone help me with this?should I tell him?not tell him?cuz it might ruin our friendship.

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Re: Guys help please


In this situation, if you have both shown signs of interest in each other then it would make sense to make the leap.

The best way to approach this is by sitting down with him and just being honest. If you say that it wouldn't change anything if he doesn't feel the same then he will know that a friendship could be saved but that will take time.

If you really want to make the next step happen then the risk has to be taken because dating is about risk, don't take them than you will be single forever.

I have a girl best friend who now has admitted to me that she should have asked me and regrets it a little now.

From my prospect I would have been glad and happy that the person I trust and care about the most as I was/am single was open and honest about her feelings with me. Would have made it clear that they really do trust me not to jump and freak out.

Anyway, I ramble. Just be honest and if you are really that close then it should turn out ok. Just be as confident as you can.

Good luck to you 😁