Had a dream, made me feel weird

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As the title says, I had a dream last night that made me feel weird. I'm pretty sure it's a one time type of dream but it was so unexpected that I have to write and IDK if I want to talk about it IRL so I thought of this place. I'm going to be as vague as I can while keeping the main point in. So basically in my dream I was at a library, and everything was kind of creepy. I don't remember a lot of the dream really before that but it was probably a dystopian thing that basically ended with a bunch of survivors at the library or something like that. But all I remember is that during the course of the dream I ended up with this particular dude. Not anything serious, but like when I was scared he was basically just there, and at the library something was about to happen and I was uncomfortable so he literally pulled me in and held me by my waist for a bit and I felt somehow. And I felt nice but at the same time uncomfortable because no1, the guy I maybe like was present in the library and in my dream I was still aware of the fact that I might like him. And this other dude the dream is about is a good friend but I've NEVER even thought of him in that way and the dream doesn't change the way I feel about him, he has a gf, and he is really not and probs will never be my type and I'm not attracted to him in anyway. In fact, I'm not even in school rn, so there's no seeing him and therefore no reason for me to even think of him. It's really not a big deal, but I don't keep a journal since they've all been read and I'll like some privacy, and it's obvs not something worth talking about and causing some false rumors if by chance it spreads. So that's basically it. If anyone has some ideas to share about why it might have happened because it's not something I've even considered even for like a second before or so that I don't feel like a terrible person for thinking about a friend's bf or so that my overactive brain doesn't suddenly make me jump to the worst conclusion and make up something that doesn't exist, I'll appreciate it thanks.