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Had to do what I had to do

Slept over my friends basement because I got MUCJ to high to drive myself home, slept over, and when I woke up I had to PEEEE..... I debated whether I was going to go upstairs and use the bathroom and possibly disturb the family that may or may not have known I was there. Too risky, so I run around into the huge closet spaces and find a bowl. I pee in said bowl and fill it up almost spilling. I walk around the basement and find a crack inbetween the concrete and pour the pee there. (This space ISNT used Like at all, barely even for storage) I then move on and grab some Pet pee cleaner and scrub the bowl and the floor until both are dry. I grab paper towels and soak up the excess cleaner residue and throw them in a plastic bag. I tie the bag and spray perfume on it.