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im not even bothered to use grammar at this point.

im a sensitive little freak who just needs someone to love and vent to, i honestly feel like my friends hate me, probably just paranoid or something but yknow... i get nearly cry when they block me even if its for a joke... I get sad because of the dumbest things, i feel like dying because of the littlest things, i just need someone, i need them a lot, i dont know who they are but i know they are somewhere, and i wish for them to come soon... you could say i fell in love with an unreal person haha, theres no specific topic for this vent, i just really need to say some stuff that you probably dont give one shit about... I hide my feelings too much, i feel like one day im going to explode, i cant hold them in anymore, i just need someone to talk to...

This was pointless...

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Re: haha

No mate.. Nothing is pointless..

There are some people like me wishing to talk to really open people who would love to see others being just themselves without any hesitation.. it's just wonderful.. makes the world more sweeter.. because of people like you. Thank you 😊

If you use insta 👉🏽@paintingforyou_1

Company is always there ✌🏽😊