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HAIKYUU (my love)

This might be such a random thing to talk about on here but I’ve started haikyuu on Netflix and I instantly fell in love with it. Keep in mind I’ve never watched any anime before so I don’t know if it’s amazing compared to others. I watched seasons 1 and 2 so quickly and it was AMAZING. Does anyone know where I can watch seasons 3 and 4 with English dub or subtitles?

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Re: HAIKYUU (my love)

The dub sucks imo, it just doesn't have the same effect nor is available for every season. But if u wanna see the rest watch it on AnimeKisa or 4Anime those are pretty good sooooooooooo just go for those. Haikyuu is epic so you'll be hooked on it, season 4 is going great so far as well so good luck to you on watching it all since it's hella great.