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Happiness can be the result of many things, from something as simple as having an extra chicken wing or from marrying the love of your life, but something that many people struggle with is finding it. For my whole life I’ve always had this feeling that I will never find true happiness, and I still aren’t sure. What even is true happiness? It’s different for everyone, and what is someone supposed to do when they can’t find out what happiness is to them. What if you are unsure of what you want to do with your life, from jobs to relationships or anything for that matter. What if you are just born lost and confused and unsure of who you are and what your purpose is. Yeah you can try to find what makes you “happy” but how hard is that actually. It’s so hard when there are so many questions, like literally what the fuck is life and what are we, how can people live without knowing these answers. How the fuck am I meant to be happy if I don’t know anything. We all act like everything’s okay and this is how life is supposed to be, but it isn’t. I see so many people going to jobs they hate to “provide for family” or any other reason. But why? Why are you continuing to choose this path in life if you get up every morning not wanting to go? Why are you continuing to choose this path in life if you hate it so much? YOU ARE MEANT TO BE HAPPY. Yes I do understand that life isn’t always good but I fully don’t understand how people can do this, like I can’t. I can’t get up everyday and not want to do this thing I have chosen for myself, because that isn’t living. The truth is most of the world does not want to follow the rules of society, most people will agree that society/the system is corrupt. (Again another reason why people struggle to find happiness) why are footballers, singers, etc getting paid more than doctors, nurses, etc? Why are there so many people at the top that don’t give a shit about anyone but themselves? Why is Donald trump, who is clearly a racist and a lot more, the fucking president of America? Like wtf how can these people be running the world really. But the thing is without all of this the world would be in so much chaos it’s unreal. Because humans are too intelligent for their own good. We should be working together to try and find out what we and life are, and all the many questions there is. But no we are trapped in this thing we call society. Trapped in our social media and our constant need to have the best stuff and the most money. So basically it’s too hard to find happiness for some people because it’s almost like they aren’t made for this world. They aren’t made to be a slave in this system and they know it, so they try their best to get out. But the truth is it’s impossible to get out, because people are to scared of the truth. Because humans hate change. So these people who struggle to find happiness just end up being unhappy all their life and regretting so much when it comes to the day they die. 

(I do understand that people have good and bad days, also there is also many people that live a happy life, just speaking from my point of view)