Hard times going through with no one knowing

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So recently I felt sick I felt nauseous and was vomiting alot it got to the point where I couldn’t even get out of bed I went to the doctors and they said I had stomach acid from eating spicy foods . The second time I went my aunt came with me because I am under age and I couldn’t go alone she requested a pregnancy test ,the doctors had me pee in a cup thing so they can test it ...... a hour or 2 later the doctor came in and he told my aunt to step out for a moment . He looked at me and said u are having these symptoms because the test came out positive at this moment I was so shocked and scared tears dripping down my face . He said do u want ur aunt to know I told him no so he said that he will not tell anyone and he gave me a number to schedule an appointment to see how far long I am and figure out what I want to do .i went to the appointment about a week after this day I had my boyfriend come with me he was very supportive mind u he can’t go in due to the corona that’s going on so he waited outside for 3 hours in the hot . They gave me a ultrasound and she told me I am early in and I am 7 weeks I asked for pictures and got out of the room after going there I went to another room to talk to another doctor I waited for a while because they were very slow soon the doctor walks in and tells me stuff about abortion and all this other stuff at this point I just want to leave my boyfriend had been waiting for a while and I didn’t want to have him out there any longer . So I left the clinic and went outside he saw the pictures of the baby and he was kinda happy .at this moment I feel more sad because my mother is currently pregnant and die in oct if I have this baby I will have it 3months after her and it’s gonna be sorta weird plus it’s gonna hurt her to know that her young teen daughter is pregnant. I just really need someone to talk to I need somebody that can tell me I’m gonna be ok and has been through this before and won’t judge me .i am very alone right now and scared

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