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Has my girlfriend cheated on me?

We have been together for a few years now, but early on in the relationship she went on holiday with her friend and a few weeks after she got back I saw a message from her friend saying ‘are you going to tell him?’ To which she then replied ‘No, there’s no point hurting him over a silly mistake’ (or something like that, it was a while ago!)

I then obviously questioned her about it but she told me that the message was just a joke and her friend was messing about. I obviously had my doubts but I trusted her.

Fast forward a few years and she starts getting friendly to this guy in work, which I didn’t mind because she worked in a small group and they were all quite friendly with each other. Then out of nowhere they stop talking completely and both got different jobs. So I start thinking was there something going on? And then of course I start overthinking the message her fiend sent her years ago. So one night I looked through her messages (I know I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t take the overthinking) and there’s texts between her and her friend about this guy, things like ‘I feel like I’ve messed him about’ ‘there are worse things you could have done’ etc. I obviously then asked about all of this and what’s going on, and she tells me that he said that he loved her but nothing happened between them and she stopped talking to him, but obviously the messages don’t match up with the fact that he just said that he loved her e.g. ‘there’s worse things you could have done’ Anyway, call me gullible but I believed her. I know a lot of people reading this will think that I’m stupid and she’s obviously cheated on me, but we’ve been together for years and she just doesn’t seem like the type of person that would do that at all. we’ve talked about the future loads, we’re even saving for a house and everything but I can’t stop thinking about all of this. Also a side note. we were together the whole time she was in university (we still saw each other nearly every night) and she had the nickname ‘the bucking bronco’ and every time I asked about that she said she doesn’t know why her friends call her that.

Am I just being gullible?

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Re: Has my girlfriend cheated on me?

If Will Smith can get fucked over...who are we?

Just don't underestimate women of this age, they're after power and no that isn't a generalization. They are NOT accountable for their actionsand do not possess the right stuff to make a home because of this.

That being said. You do not have any evidence, all you have are some texts and a feeling. Were there other red flags? Are you happy in the r.ship? Does she love you with action, not just talk? Does she walk the walk...

Think about all these things. Don't stay or leave based on faithfulness only. Are YOU happy? Thay being said...after some time analysing this and giving your spirit and mind time to breath and observe.......if you still anxious about this, please si her dpwn and talk to her.

Do not be casual, set the tone. Goto a different place or formal part of the house and seating, and lookher in the eye, back straight and the strength in your eyes only, and ask her/talk to her about everything. Do not waver.

Either way, you'll be fine.

You're extremely gullible. She is definitely cheating on you. Who makes jokes like that in secret?

Of course she's not going to tell you she's cheating. You men need to stop being so stupid when it comes to woman. The longer you stay the more of your time you're wasting. If she can cheat once then she can definitely do it again because she obviously has poor self control.

Don't let your emotions override logic. Nothing is wrong with doing what's going best for you. My word its so hard to get men to leave women even when tgetee bad for them. Not so much for women.

I can't make a decision for you but I think you should do what's best for you.