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Hate my parents

This is probably going to be long but i don't know

So from when i was little i looked at my family as this perfect perfect family, cause my mother would always point her friends families shit out, and then would go on about how perfect our little family is, anyway so i grow up with the idea that she is the perfect mother.

But she is the opposite, she and my father they are the ignoring type of parents they would play the 'oh i work all day for you, you should be grateful' card, and i really appreciate their hard work but they literally don't care about me really, they come home tired from work,so me and my siblings do all the housework and then they just sleep, we never talk, like we are living in the same house and a week can go by and we don't say a word apart from welcome goodbye good morning goodnight, and i hate it, in quarantine i feel like living with no one i am alone i feel like im in my own head all the time, i have friends we talk but not that much

The thing with my parents isn't that alone they are just the worst and i bet you if you met us you would see them as this lovely people, the thing i hate about our society is that everone have kids and they aren't even mature enough mentally to raise up children or that they don't have enough time for them then why the fuck did you have kids

Families this days are all fucked